CORS 221: Physics of Everyday Life, Module 3

University of Idaho -- Fall 2010

Class time: TTh 9:30AM-10:50PM
Class location: TLC 223
Homeworks due: Tuesday mornings at start of class

Professor: Jason W. Barnes
Office: Engineering-Physics Building Room 331
Office Hours: MWF 12:20PM-1:20PM
Email: j w b a r n e s @uidaho dddottt edu

Reference Textbook: Taylor, Elementary Climate Physics

Class Handouts:
2010 November 2Syllabus
2010 November 2Homework 1
2010 November 9Homework 2
2010 November 16Homework 3
2010 November 30Homework 4
2010 November 2Science and Light
2010 November 4Equlibrium Temperature and the Greenhouse Effect
2010 November 9Seasons
2010 November 11Long-Term Climate History
2010 November 16Medium-Term Climate History
2010 November 18The Sun
2010 November 30Earth's Climate Forcers
2010 December 2Recent Climate
2010 December 7Consequences
2010 December 9Mitigation