Colloquia and LPL Superiority over Steward paper

April 1, 2002

Ahhh, another year, another humiliation for the Astronomy Department. This year we posted a paper insulting to Astronomy Department graduate students to the astrophysics preprint server, arXiv. Every night at 10PM the abstracts for all the papers submitted to the preprint server that day get emailed to many astronomers around the world. Here are some of the responses we've gotten to the paper:
  • Barb Cohen
  • Christian Schaller
  • Ralph Lorenz
  • Siobahn Morgan
  • John Keller
  • Rory Barnes
  • Simon DeDeo
  • The Astronomy department responded with a paper of their own. Leave it to Steward grads to come up with an unoriginal April fools day prank and then to do it on April 2nd. Some comments:
  • Tim Huege
  • hearsay from Eric Mamajek
  • Christian Schaller
  • This year's April Fools pranks had other components as well, with some interesting upcoming colloquia, a sign draped from the Steward Observatory dome, and the resignation of the Head and Director.

    42.jpg(651347 bytes) -- NIKON-E995,  2002:04:01 00:10:18,  [2048 x 1536],  fl=Y,  f=10.8mm,  exptime=0.017 s  (1/60),  f/2.9 Large -- Medium

    The perps.
    45.jpg(691155 bytes) -- NIKON-E995,  2002:04:01 02:28:03,  [2048 x 1536],  fl=Y,  f= 8.2mm,  exptime=0.017 s  (1/60),  f/2.6 Large -- Medium

    The crew with the colloquium announcements.
    46.jpg(697521 bytes) -- NIKON-E995,  2002:04:01 03:06:26,  [2048 x 1536],  fl=Y,  f= 8.2mm,  exptime=0.017 s  (1/60),  f/2.6 Large -- Medium

    Building the LPL banner for the Steward 21".
    49.jpg(677073 bytes) -- NIKON-E995,  2002:04:01 03:24:57,  [2048 x 1536],  fl=Y,  f= 8.2mm,  exptime=0.017 s  (1/60),  f/2.6 Large -- Medium

    51.jpg(621703 bytes) -- NIKON-E995,  2002:04:01 12:15:14,  [2048 x 1536],  fl=N,  f=19.6mm,  exptime=0.002 s  (1/437),  f/7.8 Large -- Medium

    The banner in place.
    52.jpg(669318 bytes) -- NIKON-E995,  2002:04:01 12:15:30,  [2048 x 1536],  fl=N,  f= 8.2mm,  exptime=0.003 s  (1/391),  f/7.5 Large -- Medium