K/T Boundary Layer Field trip to Raton, New MExico -- day 1
On to Day 2
Barb and Rachel prepare the Grand Vitara for departure
Terry Hurford and Jason Barnes in the Country / White Trash Vehicle
Terry and I shot down a pidgeon with our antenna, and in this view we've left a roll of duct tape on the hood accidently. It survived an hour going 80!
L to R, Ingrid Daubar, Unknown butt, Dave O'brien, Fred Ciesla eclipsing Andreas Eckholm, and Jani Radebaugh on tp of the traverteen dams
The waterfall coming from the springs
Terry, Pete Lanagan and traverteen
PAul Withers' talk and the rest of the crew
Rachel Mastrapa's biology in extr4eme environments talk.
The country vehicle had to go REALLY BAD.