Canyonlands day 2

cnyn016.jpg BIG
Terry talks about the mountain behind him.
cnyn017.jpg BIG
Our first glimpse of the Canyonlands.
cnyn020.jpg BIG
Upheaval Dome: possibly a heavily eroded impact crater.
cnyn021.jpg BIG
Josh in front of Upheaval Dome.
cnyn027.jpg BIG
Fred and his anatomically correct blow-up sheep. This animal was strapped to the top of the car for 1500 miles, all the way up to Utah and back, and made it through with flying colors. It also made it possible to spot the Sheepmobile from a significant distance on the freeway.
cnyn030.jpg BIG
Rachel Mastrapa.
cnyn033.jpg BIG
Me in front of some nice canyon structure. Weekly World News called this a gigantic dinosaur footprint.
cnyn034.jpg BIG
More sweeeeeet canyons.