cnyn038.jpg BIG
A pretty sight near our campsite.
cnyn039.jpg BIG
Mountains on the way around to the Elephant Hill entrance.
cnyn045.jpg BIG
Dave O'Brien talks about Petroglyph rock
cnyn046.jpg BIG
as others watch on.
cnyn049.jpg BIG
Elephant Hill! This is it, what you've been waiting for! Incredible driving up this cliff to get to the graben on the other side. I like this picture with Ross in his "Event Staff" shirt. We're trying to get up that 1' jump there.
cnyn050.jpg BIG
Building a ramp.
cnyn054.jpg BIG
This is Elephant Hill from most of the way up, hardly even looks like a road . . .
cnyn055.jpg BIG
Barb Cohen directs traffic.
cnyn057.jpg BIG
Rachel Mastrapa, small and at the bottom, directs traffic.
cnyn059.jpg BIG
One of the Suburbans enroute.
cnyn061.jpg BIG
Canyonlands' Elephant Hill in all its glory.
cnyn067.jpg BIG
Beginning of the road down from the summit of Elephant Hill.
cnyn068.jpg BIG
Geology on the Other Side along with part of the road.
cnyn069.jpg BIG
The Sheep Van navigates down the far side of Elephant Hill.
cnyn071.jpg BIG
More driving. What can I say, I thought it was cool.
cnyn075.jpg BIG
At the bottom of the far side of the hill, the graben was very easy going.
cnyn076.jpg BIG
Here's a shot from my backseat. Note that in front of us is rock and in the rearview mirror is sky. This was a crazy attitude angle.
cnyn080.jpg BIG
Cool erosional features in Canyonlands.
cnyn081.jpg BIG
Kring Narrows. One of the vans had mirrors whose support structure was stronger than the doors, meaning the mirrors didn't fold in. Not smart. In a particularly narrow stretch this van lost purchase when it only had 1" of clearance on either side, pushing both mirrors into the doors and shattering the windows inside them (the windows were rolled down) shooting up a geyser of broken glass. We immediately removed the mirrors from our vehicle. This is the scar that the mirror made in the rock on the right side of the van.
cnyn083.jpg BIG
A pretty sunset at an awesome campground rounds out day 3.
cnyn084.jpg BIG
More day 3 sunset.
cnyn090.jpg BIG
Rise of the full moon (behind the cliffside) and a planet above it (its been too long, it must be Jupiter but I can't be sure).
cnyn094.jpg BIG
Looking West, opposite the full moon, at moon-illuminated scenery and Venus.