cnyn095.jpg BIG
At the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers in the center of Canyonalnds National Park.
cnyn097.jpg BIG
A talk about the confluence and geology of the area.
cnyn098.jpg BIG
Me navigating the Silver Stairs.
cnyn100.jpg BIG
Driving at the bottom of grabens was really cool, awesome scenery and perfectly easy driving.
cnyn102.jpg BIG
More driving along grabens.
cnyn106.jpg BIG
We went on a couple mile hike across a horst or two to this incredible graben.
cnyn108.jpg BIG
Horsts and grabens as far as the eye can see.
cnyn109.jpg BIG
A closeup of the cool graben. These things are geologically EXTREMELY young, possibly only a few tens of thousands of years old.
cnyn111.jpg BIG
On the graben hike.
cnyn116.jpg BIG
Our line of vehicles in the main graben.
cnyn118.jpg BIG
The Sheep driving on the way home.
cnyn123.jpg BIG
One of my favorite shots: moonrise over the campsite day 4. I still haven't gone back and darksubtracted this one, now that its a few years later its probably too late since my CCD is probably worse now. This is a 1/2" exposure.