Death Valley Pictures -- Day 2

We camped the first night in a Joshua Tree forest, and in the morning Andreas talked about Playas on Mars. As we crossed the Nevada/Arizona border we stopped at Hoover Dam and heard Eric Karkoshka talk about the dam's effect on the river. We came VERY close to Las Vegas, as some of the train accidently went North on the 15 instead of south, we were within spitting distance of the Mandalay Bay. . .

As we pulled into Death Valley proper Joe Plassman and Felipe Ip gave their talks on chaos and old lake shorelines respectively. Turns out that during glaciations Death Valley entirely fills with water, then empties during interglacials like we're presently experiencing. Neat. Fred and Devon talked about gravel fans in Badwater, elevation -282ft, and Adina talked about fault scarps, faults, pull-apart basins, and regional tectonics.

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Joshua trees from the first night's campsite.
Dave and Terry on Hoover Dam.
Eric Karkoshka's talk.
Terry scores at the Chevron's video poker .
The Las Vegas Strip, from the Mandalay Bay and Luxor on the left to the Stratosfear on the right.
A fortuitous wrong turn brought us within striking distance of the Mandalay Bay.
Celinda and Jim near the chaos rocks that Joe Plassman talked about.
Plassman, Karkoshka, and Felipe in front of the paleo shorelines on the hill.
The crew at Badwater -- lowest point in the Western Hemisphere..
Me in Badwater, from Ross's supercamera
Terry by the saltwater.
People listening to a long stretch of talks in Death Valley sun at the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. And the salt evaporites reflect the sun back at you, too. Hot!
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