Death Valley Pictures -- Day 4

After spending the third night at a miserable camp spot near a dune field (it was like camping on ventifact ridge), we headed out to the Kelso Dunes, where Gwen talked about dune formation and Ingrid talked about the strange way these dunes make nearly monotonal low sounds when the slump. We then offroaded to Amboy crater where Dave talked about this crater that JPL uses to test instruments on, and then a bunch of us climbed the crater.

The drive home was 8 hours, we got back at 1:30AM from the successful trip!

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Andy plays in the sandbox of the Kelso Dunes.
Lizard that Ross showed me at Kelso Dunes.
Listening to talks at Kelso Dunes.
Curtis climbs Amboy Crater.
Someone else tries to get away with peeing in an exposed position.
Me looking over the rim of Amboy.
The convoy at Amboy Crater.
Karkoshka is the king of the world.
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