Salton Sea Field Trip

salton01.jpg BIG
Dude, this trip was so long ago that Ross had short hair.
salton04.jpg BIG
The field trip checking out wind erosional features in Anza Borrego.
salton10.jpg BIG
Ian, the instructor's son, climbs up the talus slope side of a barchan sand dune.
salton11.jpg BIG
Moses attempts a forward flip onto the sand, and almost makes it. But doesn't :)
salton14.jpg BIG
Our fearless Leader, Alfred McEwen, on top of a hill trying to figure out where we are.
salton15.jpg BIG
I believe we're talking about paleo-shorelines here but I don't quite remember.
salton17.jpg BIG
Climbing up a rocky hillside in search of shoreline features.
salton22.jpg BIG
That's Andreas sitting very near the old shoreline. These shorelines are quite subtle features -- if its so hard to pick out this one that's only a few thousand years old, can we really see billion-year-old features from orbit around Mars?
salton24.jpg BIG
And its Dr. McEwen by a landslide!
salton28.jpg BIG
Wow this is pre-Fredbeard, too. Freaky.
salton32.jpg BIG
The crew on the polluted beach in San Deigo for sunset.
salton33.jpg BIG
Moses and Joe in front of the sunset.
salton35.jpg BIG
A nice people-less sunset shot.
salton36.jpg BIG
Me and the sunset.
salton41.jpg BIG
Venus and the moon.
salton47.jpg BIG
Floating rocks. Its pumice from a volcanic hill nearby. We were VERY easily impressed by the floating rocks.
salton48.jpg BIG
Devon also thought the floating rocks were cool.
salton50.jpg BIG
Pete gives a talk.
salton51.jpg BIG
Fred is the king of the world.