Pictures of people from Parkway Central, alphabetical order:

blurbs updated May 1999

Ari Dubelman

Ari is now at TUFTS University in Boston studying (hard) to be a doctor. He's in their medical school working his posterior off.

Dave Arbogast

Dave is in charge of the computer system at the Saint Louis County offices. I'm not exactly sure what he does, but I know that he has A LOT of computing power at his fingertips and is raking in the $$$.

Eric Jeltes

Eric has taken a job in Florida renting boats for a livng, must be nice :)

Jen O'Bryan

Jen is currently teaching in Springfield, Missouri.

Kraut (Mike Ziemann)

Kraut graduated from the United States Air Force academy and promptly vaporized. If you see or hear of him, let me know!

Mark Lemkuhl

Mark is going to Southwest Missouri STate U in Springfield, and is the one that keeps in touch with all of us the best.

Anthony Polazzi

Last but not least, Anthony Polazzi was a Econ/Math major at Claremont-McKenna college in Claremont, California. He plays catcher for their baseball team, and we scored 10 runs (!!!!) against their team in one game! Ok, it was because their pitcher sucked, but that happens. In more recent news, he has graduated and is now working for a firm over near UCLA, and again is raking in mucho $$$. I wonder why I keep fixating on everyone else's salary . . .

Chickens . . .

These are the chickens at my house before the last day of school. On that day, we brought the chickens into the school in paper bags (with holes) and let them go in the science wing. The teachers had fun chasing them around to catch them . . .

BTW, I made sure the chickens weren't harmed in any way and neither were they just abandoned: Mr. Kellman the Biology teacher owns a farm and we gave them to him.