Images from Day 1:  July 27, 1997 

(J1) Before:  Pat, Xander, Jason, and Monroe 200 feet down from the trail head.  Taken by Jason's camera's self timer from a picnic table

(J2) Pat and Jason in front of a waterfall .

(P1)  Piute Lake:  Jason, Xander, and Monroe in front of Piute lake with the Pass in the background.

(J3) Piute Pass:  Looking over a snowbank down the trail from which we came, view from a rock just below the pass.

(X1) Piute Pass:  Looking Westward over the pass into Piute Basin.  Xander, Monroe, and Pat L to R.  Summit Lake is in the background.

(P2) Piute Pass:  Jason, Monroe, and Pat up at Piute Pass looking down on Summit Lake again.

(P3)  First Day Storm:  After we got over the pass and down into the Basin, a Storm started moving in on us from the south.  Luckily, it mostly missed us, but we got drizzled on.  Xander has a huge headache because of the altitude.

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