Images from Day 5:  July 31, 1997 

(J13)  Muir Pass:  After a hard 1000 foot elevation gain, we reached Muir Pass.  Here's a cool shot showing the entire Wanda lake region (looking West from the pass).  Our previous campsite is right next to Jason's left elbow.

(J14)  Muir Pass Hut:  Monroe, Pat, and Xander in front of the Muir Pass Hut, right on top of Muir Pass.

(J15)  Meadow After Muir Pass:  This a meadow we encountered a few miles down from Muir Pass.  Xander in the back, Jason in the front.

(J16)  LeConte Canyon:  Jason with his right foot in a treacherous waterfall in LeConte Canyon.  He was there originally to take a picture of the waterfall and the canyon, which is the next picture shown.

(J17)  LeConte Canyon:  A great shot of Upper LeConte Canyon from a waterfall.  Pat and Xander blend in well but can be seen next to the orange "97" in the lower left hand corner.

(P11)  Big Pete Meadow:  Picture of Big Pete Meadow from higher up the trail.

(P12)  Big Pete Meadow:  Closer in shot of Big Pete once we got there.

(J18)  LeConte Canyon:  Pat, in a view of the lower LeConte Canyon valley with the mountain "The Citadel" in the background.  At this point on the trail we are heading up into Dusy Basin from the Canyon.

(J19)  LeConte Canyon:  Monroe in front of the Citadel.

(J20)  LeConte Canyon:  Monroe and Jason on the way from LeConte Canyon to Dusy Basin, again with the Citadel in the background.  We liked LeConte canyon.  Can you tell?

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