Images from Day 6:  August 1, 1997 

(P13)  Dusy Basin:  Pat after climbing up into Dusy Basin.

(X9)  Dusy Basin:  Monroe in front of the sharp mountains he likes :)

(J21)  Bishop Pass:  This picture was taken from the bottom of the pass but Pat climbed up higher so that he could be at over 12,000 feet.  That's him in the middle there.

(P14) Saddlerock and Bishop Lakes:  On the way down from the pass.

(J22)  To South Lake:  Monroe, Pat, and Jason head back to South lake after going over Bishop Pass.  Bishop Lake is in the background.

(P15)  Long Lake:  The home stretch!

(J23)  South Lake:  The "after" shot.  Jason, Monroe, Pat, and Xander have all made it the 54 miles from North Lake to South Lake, and have just hiked 11 miles on day 6.

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