Flems (People who, like me, live in Fleming House)

Class of 1998:

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Fellow Ay major and backpacker, Brian Monroe is the Fleming House Head Waiter.

Monroe's Homepage

Bendy Jack

Patrick Jewell and I are pilots. He is also a backpacker senior, but he's Applied Physics and intends to design the propulsion system for my interstellar probe :). Pat's Page

Video clip

Diana King (Di). Di is living in 8.5 this year, and she and I are working on making a "days to graduation" board. Di Di's Place

Di shares a tender moment

David Winkler. Cheese fanatic. He keeps moving away from us for greater square-footage. As this photo so brilliantly illustrates, you can't get away without being caught on camera, whether willingly or through use of BJ's "persuasion" tecniques.

The Winky Mousehole

Chris Bisbee (Biz) is on the senior committee for ditch day. The date has been decided: it looks like tomorrow . . . Biz's place of love, happiness, and openmindedness

Its only his opinion.

***NEWS FLASH*** More elusive than Bigfoot, the infamous Adam Petrie has recently been seen outside his room, as this undoctored photograph clearly shows. Another fellow Ay major and SubSpace player, Adam Petrie, lives next door to me. You may know him better as Shiner (p-tooie). Adam's World

Shiner's World

The REAL Adam

Our resident demon, Katie Stofer has mellowed in her old age, but I'm sorry, nobody really NEEDS 10 frozen loaves of bread. Katie's brand new page

Katie's philosophy of life

Class of 1999:

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Corrine Gilliam is a fellow crazy physics major. She is also in Air Force ROTC training to be an officer. Corinne doesn't like the camera
Amy Dullard is so devoted to the house she colored her hair red. How's that for dedication? Amy's Webniche

More from Amy

Amy's Favorite Band, My 13 Ghoti

Class of 2000:

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Fellow Star Wars FREAK BJ Horn (Beej) is in the Air Force. He has a kickass DVD-ROM drive that I'm jealous of. The Gargoyle's Rookery

A sense of what BJ's like

At last, we have the mighty Chewbacca

That silly frosh (well, not really, but in spirit anyway), Natron-e? has been doused in flame-retardant; lets hope it works! Natron's non-page

Tell Natron to work on his page

Natron's advice

Chris Brooks is the new Ath 2 and is really quiet in person, so quiet that he won't make a video for me. Click here to email him and convince him to say something on camera. Brooks' Autobiography
Chris Kurtz is UCC of alley 3, and one of the funniest people you'll meet. Dr. Chris "Evil" Kurtz tells you his innermost desires

Class of 2001:

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Jen Fong is another happy-go-lucky frosh. She lives in 8.5 with Di and Corinne. Jen lies on camera

Fleming related people:

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Keely Walker was in Fleming house for her 4 years here at Caltech but is now a grad turkey in Biology at UCSD. All she does is work, work, work, and slave, slave, slave in lab. This is what I have to look forward to next year! Keely doesn't have a homepage, and never will
Mike Burl, aka "Mike the RA", was the Resident Associate of Fleming House along with his wife Maureen from 1995 to 1997. Burl's Corner

Mike and his son

Orion Burl is the son of Mike and Mo the RA's. Orion's Crib

Orion waves at Chica on Corinne's shoulders

PS: If you're not here and think you should be, it means you don't come by my room enough! Come by and get your picture taken and I'll put you up.