Pictures of Caltech people:

Here is Brad Nelson, first alone, and then with the device.

Here's Gary Lee. These pictures are classic.

Here's Michael Shumway with me at the Baked Potato Jazz Club in Pasadena in 1995.

Last year I pulled this great prank on the guy next door to me, Julius Su. He had been threatening to cook and eat Chica, my bird, for no other reason than ennui. Thus I pulled a pre-emptive strike. I stacked his own room! I closed his windows, closed and locked his door, changed his own combo on the door, electrified the doorknob (not enough to kill, mind you), and then put 4 2x4's across his hyperspace entrance. Here's the look on his face when he realized what was happening.

Here's Julius trying to cut the power off to the door electrification device