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This is the picture taken moments after we got back to the trailhead, very dirty after six days on the trail. Brian, Jason, Adam, Xander, and Pat (L to R).

The General Sherman Tree: the largest living thing on Earth. Notice the people standing at the base of the tree. (That's Pat's finger in the upper right corner.)

An interesting looking photo of a lone tree in front of the Sphinx.

This is one big tree stump. It's over 2,000 years old. Brian, Pat, Xander, and Jason (L to R).

Brian, Adam, Pat, and Xander, (L to R), along with Jason, who took the picture, on the very top of Moro Rock. It was a quarter mile almost straight up from the trailhead. Notice, we finally changed clothes. We didn't want to be too disgusting when we got back to Caltech.

That's all!