The New Scoreboard

Its not just a rotting piece of plywood anymore

Welcome to The New Scoreboard Homepage! Herein are pictures of the New Scoreboard under construction along with the Flems who built it. A history of the scoreboard will eventually be included, once it is finished being researched.

Here are all of the scoreboard builders: left to right are Brian Monroe, Jason Barnes, Keely Walker, Corinne Gilliam, Chris Bizbee, and Natron-e? (Nathanael Hsu). BJ Horn is not pictured here.

The completed Scoreboard

Natron painting

Natron with the painted board

Keely and Monroe making stencils

Jason looks like a frog in front of the Scoreboard

"Take the picture already!" - Keely

Biz + board

BJ and the board

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