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This is our logo, and it is on the front of the T-Shirts.  This is the T-Shirt back:

Unfortunately it didn't turn out too well on the shirt:  the contrast was poor and the design was a little to intricate.

The "excessively cool images" that were mentioned can be found at  Jason Barnes' Star Wars Image Compendium.  Trust me, they are excessively cool.

This was also on the door, though its hard to make out the first paragraph:

At 8:10, the first envelope was opened.  The first task was to identify characters, vehicles, and quotations from each of the movies in the images from the compendium and from the answers obtain numbers to be plugged into an equation which would give them the shield code later on.

After this was complete, the second envelope was opened which directed the people on the stack to "go to Dagobah".  Dagobah on the Caltech campus is pretty close to Throop pond which contains disgusting murky water with crayfish in it.  At Throop pond was found:


This is stackmember BJ Horn removing the front part of the fuselage of the X-Wing from the swamp.  He used the "brute force" method.

Destruction is good.  Left to right:  Kurtz (with Maul), Brooks watching, BJ beating.

The stack workers seem to have obtained a crowd of onlookers.  Brooks at left with Maul, BJ at right.

Group photo.  From left:  Chris Kurtz (with maul), Alec Muller, Lisa VanHooser, Bill Hiestand, BJ Horn, Ed Little, Corinne Gilliam, Chris Brooks, Elisa Chiang, Nathanael Hsu (Natron-e?).

The clue inside the X-Wing sent them to Millikan's bust which contained a disk which contained information regarding the rest of the stack.  They found Luke's boots encased in ice and obtained the part therein needed for the power generator.  The power generator had a few clues leading up to find it and then was discovered on the roof of Firestone.  Here are some pictures of the power generator:

The power generator was built to resemble the one found on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back and was made using a plywood bottom, two by fours holding up the disk-like structures, chicken-wire and newspaper.  Once the part from Luke's boots was attached to the generator and the button was pressed, all of this work went up in smoke as the gunpowder charges placed within the structure blew up.  Cool.  The clue found inside led to the obtaining of "Flementium" which turned out to be oranges.

The Flementium collection was intened to be thrown at a target next to the Death Star, but things didn't quite work out that way as will be discussed later.

Next the crew went to the North Fields to launch some rockets in practice for the rocket which was to destroy the Death Star.  This is BJ hitting the button to launch the R2D2 model.

At left is Chris Brooks readying the R2 rocket and at right is a picture of Artoo and the X-Wing.

Next the "Ion Cannon" was used to fire potatoes for fun, but it didn't really work out as the combustion chamber developed a large hole making it unable to contain pressure.

The Death Star ran out of balloons so it became a "Death Star under construction" or the Death Prune.

The Death Prune was suspended between BBB and Baxter.  The idea was that when the code was typed into the code box, the shield in front of the target would be ignited and the balloons protecting the target would pop.  Then the oranges were supposed to be thrown at the target which would ignite the death star, but the electrical system was too flaky.

The solution eventually utilized was to light a fuse which was sticking out and pull the thing back up, followed by running like hell.  It worked: