Jason Barnes years at Caltech

I went to college at Caltech where I majored in Astronomy and had various adventures pictures from which are below.

2002-05-19 Biz's Wedding

Chris Bisbee gets married to Patty Kulcharyk in Detroit, MI. Pictures and HTML courtesy David Winkler.

2002-05-17 Episode II

Me, Donnie, Monroe, and BJ wait in line to see Star Wars: Episode II at the Chinese. Photos by Donnie Pinkston.

1999-10-17 Monroe's Visit

Monroe comes to Tucson.

1999-05-29 Episode I

The first Flem98 and friends minireunion at the Mann's Chinese for Star Wars Episode I.

1999-03-25 Photos from 1998

A collection of photos from 1998, including a snow run, some baseball shots, and my Graduate School Decision Chart (tm).

1998-08-15 The Wall Falls

Pictures from the Alley 5/6 connection (wall removal) project.

1998-08-08 Flems98 and Friends

My friends page from Fleming House at Caltech.

1998-07-15 Parking Spots

Me, Patrick Jewell, Chris Brooks, Chris Bisbee, David Winkler, and Corinne Gilliam solve the synch log parking problems.

1998-05-07 Ditch Day Stack

Pat and I created the Star Wars stack our senior year in 1998. Featuring rockets, explosions, codes, concrete, explosions, and an axe.

1997-11-05 Oxnard Cross-Country

My flight instructor Steve McDannell and I on a dual cross-country from El Monte to Oxnard.

1997-08-24 The New Scoreboard

The building of the new Fleming Scoreboard.

1997-08-24 Evolution Valley Hike

My best hike -- through Evolution Valley in King's Canyon National Park.

1997-07-23 First Solo

My first solo -- just me in an airplane.

1996-06-15 Rae Lakes Hike

Our first major hike in Sierra Nevada in California: the Rae Lakes loop in Sequoia National Park.

1995-11-02 New Haircut

Pictures taken of myself shortly after I shaved my head early in my sophomore year at Tech.

1995-11-02 Condo Days

Pictures of friends of mine during my tenure at the Condo on Catalina.

1995-08-27 New Car Trips

Trips I took shortly after I got my new car, including Joshua Tree and a drive up the 1 to the Bay Area.