Jason Barnes postdocing at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA

2008-07-27 Crater Lake

Planetary field trip to Crater Lake, Oregon.

2008-06-20 Lasik

Gwen and Jason get their eyes lasered.

2008-06-09 2008 Ranch Trip

Gwen, Jason, Wayne, Xander, and Starbuck visit the New Mexico Ranch.

2008-05-23 Boston

Visit to Xander and Terra/Andy/Brayden in Boston for the IAU Transiting Planets Meeting.

2008-05-02 Beaches Fieldtrip

The 2008 LPL Beaches Field Trip.

2008-04-30 Planetary Dunes Workshop

Pictures from a one-day field trip in White Sands National Monument with the Planetary Dunes Workshop that I attended presenting Titan stuff.

2008-04-22 Grand Canyon Hike 2008

Hiking the east end of the Grand Canyon with Dave, Jani, Colin, and Morby.

2008-04-19 New House

Pictures that Gwen took of the inspection of our new home in Moscow, Idaho.

2008-04-12 Beach and Baseball

We visit the beach and the Giants game on a nice weekend.

2008-03-22 Agility Trial

Taun We competes in an agility match at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale, CA.

2008-01-27 Cassini Death Valley Field Trip

On a field trip to Death Valley National Park, CA, with the Cassini RADAR team.

2008-01-22 Madrone House

Pictures of our second house in Sunnyvale, CA.

2007-11-22 Thanksgiving 2007

Gwen's family visits Sunnyvale for Thanksgiving.

2007-11-03 Thad and Moira Wedding

Jason's cousins Thad and Moira's American-side wedding celebration.

2007-10-21 Aravaipa Creek Hike

Hiking through the beautiful Aravaipa Creek Wilderness north of Tucson.

2007-09-29 Bratwest

The one and only Bratwest, held at our house.

2007-09-17 Baby Brayden

Gwen and Jason visit their new nephew, Brayden, in Boston, MA.

2007-07-21 Highest Point in Arizona

Jason hiking the highest point in Arizona with LPLers.

2007-07-07 Hawaii and Lanai

Observing on Hawaii, and then vacationing on Lana'i.

2007-06-24 New Mexico Shed

Jason and Gwen spend a week in New Mexico building a storage shed.

2007-06-06 Owens Valley Field Trip

Jason, Gwen, Ross, Rachel, and Helen visit Owens Valley.

2007-06-01 Scouting Racetrack Playa

Jason visits Death Valley to get the lay of the land for a future geology project.

2007-05-24 Observing HD189733b

Jason observing in Mauna Kea, Hawaii at the IRTF looking at the secondary eclipse of HD189733b.

2007-05-19 Building Shed Frame

Chet Bart comes up to help Jason and Gwen build the framing for the New Mexico shed.

2007-05-12 Grandpa Barnes' Funeral

Memorial service for Jason's grandfather, Martin McRae Barnes.

2007-05-06 Noah's Wedding

Noah and Camille wed in upstate New York.

2007-03-31 St. Louisans at the Beach

Nancy and Wayne visit, and take a trip to a cold California beach.

2007-02-27 ESTEC

Jason goes to the European Space Agency in the Netherlands for a Cassini Titan Surface Workshop.

2007-02-07 Mt. Hamilton Hike

Terra and Andy visit the Sunnyvale Barneses and hike Mt. Hamilton, south of town.

2007-01-23 With Dogs at Beach

Jason and Gwen visit the beach with Genubi, Schamali, and Taun We near their new home in California.

2007-01-03 Moving to California

Our move to Sunnyvale, CA from Tucson, AZ.