Jason Barnes' flying page

I got my flying license in December of 1997, flying with the Caltech Flying Club. I don't fly as much as I'd like to nowadays, but I have been flying again finally.

2006-08-26 NM Expedition 10

Gwen and Jason fly themselves in a Cessna from Tucson to the Ranch to take aerial photos.

2001-05-02 Taking Vanessa Flying

My first flight with Vanessa, flying to Pinal Air Park and over Picacho Peak.

2001-03-31 Tucson Flying

Flying around Tucson, our houses, the U of A, and the Boneyard with Ross, Terry, and Gwen in a Cessna 172.

1997-11-05 Oxnard Cross-Country

My flight instructor Steve McDannell and I on a dual cross-country from El Monte to Oxnard.

1997-07-23 First Solo

My first solo -- just me in an airplane.