My friends

This is only a subset of those people that I call my friends. Here are pages related to stuff I've done with them:

2008-07-27 Crater Lake

Planetary field trip to Crater Lake, Oregon.

2008-04-22 Grand Canyon Hike 2008

Hiking the east end of the Grand Canyon with Dave, Jani, Colin, and Morby.

2007-10-21 Aravaipa Creek Hike

Hiking through the beautiful Aravaipa Creek Wilderness north of Tucson.

2007-09-29 Bratwest

The one and only Bratwest, held at our house.

2007-07-21 Highest Point in Arizona

Jason hiking the highest point in Arizona with LPLers.

2007-06-06 Owens Valley Field Trip

Jason, Gwen, Ross, Rachel, and Helen visit Owens Valley.

2006-09-05 Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

Jason hikes from North Rim to South Rim, traversing the Grand Canyon.

2006-07-22 Mt. Lemmon Hike

Jason on a hike on Mt. Lemmon, prepping for the Rincons hike.

2006-07-15 Ralph Lorenz and Zibi Turtle

Photos from the going-away-party for our friends Elizabeth Turtle and Ralph Lorenz.

2006-05-22 Rincon Mountains Hike

Pictures from a 4-day backpacking trip across the Rincon Mountains east of Tucson.

2006-04-15 Black Mountain Offroading

Exploring Black Mountain, north of Tucson, with 4WD vehicles.

2006-03-02 Terry's Wedding

Terry Hurford and Brenda Aguirre wed in Tucson, AZ.

2005-11-13 Baja California Field Trip

Pictures from the 2004 LPL Baja California planetary science field trip that I designed and helped to lead.

2005-10-01 Bratfest 2005

Bratfest 2005 is held at the Barnes Residence.

2005-06-25 Northern California

We visit LPL friends at NASA/AMES, go offroading near Lake Tahoe, and attend the annual Capay Farm Party.

2005-06-18 New Mexico Cabins

We help Gwen's advisor put the roof on his cabin, and buy 40 acres near Pie Town, NM.

2005-06-11 Catalinas Back Road

The inaugural Earth Rovers LPL 4-Wheeling event, climbing the back side of the Catalina Mountains.

2005-05-18 Star Wars Episode III

Seeing Star Wars Episode 3 with Flems in Hollywood, CA.

2005-04-29 Red Garter Softball Game

Some pictures that Gwen took at the Red Garter softball game.

2005-04-23 Bacchanal

The annual LPL grad student Bacchanal party was held at Florence House this year.

2005-04-02 Sentinel Peak Field Trip

Field trip to the Sentinel Peak Volcanic Field comparing hypotheses generated from remote sensing data to ground truth.

2004-09-24 Grand Canyon Hike 2004

A 4-day hike down the Kaibab, east across the Tonto, and up the Grandview Trail in Grand Canyon National Park.

2004-09-12 Canyonlands Field Trip II

LPL field trip to Canyonlands National Park, including the Moses Milazzo Muffler Mishap.

2004-07-04 My Wedding

I marry Gwen Bart in La Madera Park, Tucson, Arizona.

2004-04-04 West Texas Fieldtrip

Field trip to see Kilbourne Hole and Texas impact structures Sierra Madera and Odessa.

2003-10-11 Canyon de Chelly / White Mountains Field Trip

My second field trip to Canyon de Chelly in NE Arizona, and a visit to the White Mountains looking for glacial features.

2003-09-02 DPS 2003

Pictures from the DPS 2003 meeting in Monterey, CA, and from the drive there as well.

2003-07-07 France and Fire

Pictures from my trip to the Extrasolar Planets conference in Paris and shots of the Aspen fire near Tucson.

2003-05-05 Chiricahuas Field Trip

LPL field trip to the Chiricahua mountains in SE Arizona.

2003-04-20 Grand Canyon

In and Out Again: 5 Planetary Scientists' Hike Into the Grand Canyon.

2003-03-15 Little Rincons Rogaine

Xander and I participate in the Little Rincons Rogaine, searching for control points in the mountains east of Tucson.

2003-03-05 Lava

Helping Matt Chamberlain observe in Hawaii, we got a chance to see actual flowing lava.

2003-02-14 LPL South Park

Images from an alternate universe: University of Colorado South Park Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

2003-01-29 Turkey Party

Pictures from a birthday party for Gwen Bart, Terry Hurford, Ross Beyer, David O'Brien, and Zibi Turtle at my house, where we fried up two turkeys using the birthday present I got from my brother.

2002-12-28 Dave and Tanith

David Arbogast visits Tucson after celebrating Christmas in Phoenix and he, Tanith Balaban, and I visit the zoo and the desert museum.

2002-10-27 Rachel and Ross

Ross Beyer and Rachel Mastrapa marry in Tucson, AZ.

2002-09-27 Washington Field Trip

Field trip to Washington State to visit Mount Saint Helens, the Columbia River Flood Basalts, and the Channeled Scablands.

2002-07-10 Taun We Meeting

Genubi and Schamali meet Gwen's 10 week old puppy Taun We for the second time..

2002-06-22 Abby's Wedding

Abby Wasserman and Nick Scheffer marry in Staunton, VA.

2002-05-19 Biz's Wedding

Chris Bisbee gets married to Patty Kulcharyk in Detroit, MI. Pictures and HTML courtesy David Winkler.

2002-05-17 Episode II

Me, Donnie, Monroe, and BJ wait in line to see Star Wars: Episode II at the Chinese. Photos by Donnie Pinkston.

2002-04-27 Corinne in AZ

Corinne visits Tucson while stationed at Luke AFB near Phoenix.

2002-04-01 April Fools 2002

Another April Fools day, another humiliation for the Astronomy Department.

2001-08-08 Nevada

Hiking in Great Basin NAtional Park, Nevada, returning through Bryce Canyon, UT.

2001-07-07 New Dog

Pictures of my new dog, Genubi.

2001-06-23 Seattle Trip

Vanessa and I travelled to Seattle for the wedding of her friends Tracy and Pat.

2001-05-15 White Sands

LPL Field trip to White Sands and southern New Mexico.

2001-05-02 Taking Vanessa Flying

My first flight with Vanessa, flying to Pinal Air Park and over Picacho Peak.

2001-05-01 Microwave Grape Plasma

I'm serious. Take a grape, cut it in half with a bridge between the halves, put it in the microwave and it sparks and then creates balls of plasma.

2001-04-01 April Fools

April Fools 2001. We turned the atrium of the Kuiper Space Sciences building into Disco Planet and annexed the astronomy department.

2001-03-31 Tucson Flying

Flying around Tucson, our houses, the U of A, and the Boneyard with Ross, Terry, and Gwen in a Cessna 172.

2001-03-14 Weaver's Needle

Vanessa and I hike up to Weaver's Needle overlook in the springtime with actual green vegetation in Arizona.

2000-12-11 Verde Hot Springs

Helping Vanessa with field work, followed by a hike up the Fossil Springs trail and a night hike to the Verde Hot Springs.

2000-11-09 My Orals

I managed to pass my graduate oral exams and my friend Ross was nice enough to take pictures for me.

2000-10-31 Calvin and Hobbes

Vanessa and I as Calvin and Hobbes for Halloween.

2000-10-20 Sierra Anchas

At Vanessa's PBGSA (Plant Biology Graduate Student Association) retreat in the Sierra Ancha mountains 2 hours northeast of Phoenix.

2000-10-20 Perkinsville Train

At the Verde River Days festival with Vanessa, and then on the Perkinsville train ride shortly thereafter.

2000-10-20 Vanessa Fieldwork

Helping Vanessa with field work in Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

2000-10-17 Death Valley

LPL field trip to Death Valley.

2000-05-20 K/T Boundary Layer

LPL field trip to K/T boundary layer outcrop sites near Raton, New Mexico.

1999-10-31 Darth Barnes

Me dressed up as Darth Maul for Halloween.

1999-10-17 Monroe's Visit

Monroe comes to Tucson.

1999-05-29 Episode I

The first Flem98 and friends minireunion at the Mann's Chinese for Star Wars Episode I.

1999-05-03 Canyonlands

Field trip to Canyonlands National Park, Utah. The best field trip I've been on so far..

1999-04-21 Salton Sea

Alfred McEwen's remote sensing trip to the Salton Sea and MSSS.

1999-03-25 Photos from 1998

A collection of photos from 1998, including a snow run, some baseball shots, and my Graduate School Decision Chart (tm).

1998-10-10 Canyon de Chelly

LPL field trip to Canyon de Chelly National Monument in northeastern Arizona.

1998-08-15 The Wall Falls

Pictures from the Alley 5/6 connection (wall removal) project.

1998-08-08 Flems98 and Friends

My friends page from Fleming House at Caltech.

1998-07-15 Parking Spots

Me, Patrick Jewell, Chris Brooks, Chris Bisbee, David Winkler, and Corinne Gilliam solve the synch log parking problems.

1998-05-07 Ditch Day Stack

Pat and I created the Star Wars stack our senior year in 1998. Featuring rockets, explosions, codes, concrete, explosions, and an axe.

1997-08-24 The New Scoreboard

The building of the new Fleming Scoreboard.

1997-08-24 Evolution Valley Hike

My best hike -- through Evolution Valley in King's Canyon National Park.

1996-06-15 Rae Lakes Hike

Our first major hike in Sierra Nevada in California: the Rae Lakes loop in Sequoia National Park.

1995-11-02 Condo Days

Pictures of friends of mine during my tenure at the Condo on Catalina.

1994-05-28 PCH Graduation Pictures

Pictures from graduation night at Parkway Central High School.