Jason Barnes' hiking page

I started hiking seriously the summer after my sophomore year at Tech. Here are pages from some of the hikes that I've been on.

2010-10-14 Crater Peak

Idaho Barnes family adventure to Crater Peak in the St. Joe National Forest.

2009-06-22 Mt. Margaret

Pictures from local hikes.

2008-04-22 Grand Canyon Hike 2008

Hiking the east end of the Grand Canyon with Dave, Jani, Colin, and Morby.

2007-10-21 Aravaipa Creek Hike

Hiking through the beautiful Aravaipa Creek Wilderness north of Tucson.

2007-07-21 Highest Point in Arizona

Jason hiking the highest point in Arizona with LPLers.

2007-02-07 Mt. Hamilton Hike

Terra and Andy visit the Sunnyvale Barneses and hike Mt. Hamilton, south of town.

2006-09-05 Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

Jason hikes from North Rim to South Rim, traversing the Grand Canyon.

2006-07-22 Mt. Lemmon Hike

Jason on a hike on Mt. Lemmon, prepping for the Rincons hike.

2006-05-22 Rincon Mountains Hike

Pictures from a 4-day backpacking trip across the Rincon Mountains east of Tucson.

2006-04-02 Hiking in the Tucsons

Jason, Terra, and Andy hike in the Tucson Mountains west of town..

2005-02-20 Organ Pipe

Gwen and I visit Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument for a rainy weekend.

2004-09-24 Grand Canyon Hike 2004

A 4-day hike down the Kaibab, east across the Tonto, and up the Grandview Trail in Grand Canyon National Park.

2003-04-20 Grand Canyon

In and Out Again: 5 Planetary Scientists' Hike Into the Grand Canyon.

2003-03-15 Little Rincons Rogaine

Xander and I participate in the Little Rincons Rogaine, searching for control points in the mountains east of Tucson.

2001-08-08 Nevada

Hiking in Great Basin NAtional Park, Nevada, returning through Bryce Canyon, UT.

2001-03-21 Wasson Peak

My sister Terra and I hiked to the top of Wasson Peak west of Tucson when she came to visit..

2001-03-14 Weaver's Needle

Vanessa and I hike up to Weaver's Needle overlook in the springtime with actual green vegetation in Arizona.

2000-12-11 Verde Hot Springs

Helping Vanessa with field work, followed by a hike up the Fossil Springs trail and a night hike to the Verde Hot Springs.

2000-10-20 Sierra Anchas

At Vanessa's PBGSA (Plant Biology Graduate Student Association) retreat in the Sierra Ancha mountains 2 hours northeast of Phoenix.

1999-07-15 Family Hike in Sequoia

Jason, Xander, Terra, and Wayne Barnes on a 4-day loop hike from Mineral King in Sequoia National Park.

1998-10-01 Mt. Kimball Hike

Xander and I hike up 4000 feet and back in one day to scale Mt. Kimball in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

1997-08-24 Evolution Valley Hike

My best hike -- through Evolution Valley in King's Canyon National Park.

1996-06-15 Rae Lakes Hike

Our first major hike in Sierra Nevada in California: the Rae Lakes loop in Sequoia National Park.