Barnes Family Ranch/Lodge/Observatory

Pictures from the Barnes Family Compound in Wild Horse, NM.

2010-05-12 Summer Vacation to NM

Idaho Barnes vacation to New Mexico after the end of classes.

2010-03-19 Spring Break in NM

Babies' first trip to New Mexico and Arizona over spring break.

2009-07-11 New Mexico 2009

Ranch adventure 2009 -- muddy roads, electricity, and blown hot water heaters.

2009-06-11 Gwen's Ranch Adventure

Gwen hits the ranch while at an LRO targeting meeting in Phoenix to line up the electrical.

2008-06-09 2008 Ranch Trip

Gwen, Jason, Wayne, Xander, and Starbuck visit the New Mexico Ranch.

2007-06-24 New Mexico Shed

Jason and Gwen spend a week in New Mexico building a storage shed.

2007-05-19 Building Shed Frame

Chet Bart comes up to help Jason and Gwen build the framing for the New Mexico shed.

2006-09-19 Ranchflowers and Dogjumps

Stopping by the NM Ranch on the field trip scouting mission, we find flowers everywhere! Also: Gwen makes agility dog jumps for the poodle.

2006-08-26 NM Expedition 10

Gwen and Jason fly themselves in a Cessna from Tucson to the Ranch to take aerial photos.

2006-07-03 New Mexico Expedition 9

Digging the foundation for a storage shed in New Mexico.

2006-06-18 New Mexico Expedition 8

We finally get the well working in New Mexico!

2006-04-22 New Mexico Expedition 7

Trying to get the well working with transformers.

2006-02-26 New Mexico Expedition 6

Testing out Jason's new chainsaw from his father-in-law.

2005-12-05 New Mexico Expedition 5

A Winter trip to New Mexico, testing out the fire pit.

2005-10-31 Expedition 4

New Mexico Expedition 4, with Gwen's parents Chet and Cheryl-Rae Bart.

2005-08-13 Barnes Ranch: Expedition 3

Gwen and I meet my Mom Nancy, Dad Wayne, and brother Xander at the Ranch.

2005-07-30 New Mexico Land: Expedition 2

Gwen, the three dogs, and I visit our land in New Mexico.

2005-06-18 New Mexico Cabins

We help Gwen's advisor put the roof on his cabin, and buy 40 acres near Pie Town, NM.