Jason Barnes postdocing at LPL

2006-09-19 Ranchflowers and Dogjumps

Stopping by the NM Ranch on the field trip scouting mission, we find flowers everywhere! Also: Gwen makes agility dog jumps for the poodle.

2006-09-05 Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

Jason hikes from North Rim to South Rim, traversing the Grand Canyon.

2006-08-26 NM Expedition 10

Gwen and Jason fly themselves in a Cessna from Tucson to the Ranch to take aerial photos.

2006-08-26 NM Expedition 10

Gwen and Jason fly themselves in a Cessna from Tucson to the Ranch to take aerial photos.

2006-08-12 Terra and Andy's Wedding

A few pictures from my sister's wedding in St. Louis, MO.

2006-08-05 Chris and Corinne's Wedding

Chris Brooks and Corinne Gilliam wed in Dallas, TX.

2006-07-22 Mt. Lemmon Hike

Jason on a hike on Mt. Lemmon, prepping for the Rincons hike.

2006-07-15 Ralph Lorenz and Zibi Turtle

Photos from the going-away-party for our friends Elizabeth Turtle and Ralph Lorenz.

2006-07-03 New Mexico Expedition 9

Digging the foundation for a storage shed in New Mexico.

2006-06-18 New Mexico Expedition 8

We finally get the well working in New Mexico!

2006-06-11 Arizona's Longitudinal Dunes

Visiting the only longitudinal dunefield in the western hemisphere, on the Navajo Reservation in northern AZ.

2006-05-22 Rincon Mountains Hike

Pictures from a 4-day backpacking trip across the Rincon Mountains east of Tucson.

2006-04-22 New Mexico Expedition 7

Trying to get the well working with transformers.

2006-04-15 Black Mountain Offroading

Exploring Black Mountain, north of Tucson, with 4WD vehicles.

2006-04-02 Death Valley 2

My second field trip to Death Valley with LPL.

2006-04-02 Hiking in the Tucsons

Jason, Terra, and Andy hike in the Tucson Mountains west of town..

2006-03-05 Indian Ruins

Exploring Arizona Indian ruins with Peter Stiles, our neighbor.

2006-03-02 Terry's Wedding

Terry Hurford and Brenda Aguirre wed in Tucson, AZ.

2006-02-26 New Mexico Expedition 6

Testing out Jason's new chainsaw from his father-in-law.

2005-12-25 Christmas 2005

Christmas in St. Louis, MO, 2005.

2005-12-05 New Mexico Expedition 5

A Winter trip to New Mexico, testing out the fire pit.

2005-11-13 Baja California Field Trip

Pictures from the 2004 LPL Baja California planetary science field trip that I designed and helped to lead.

2005-10-31 Expedition 4

New Mexico Expedition 4, with Gwen's parents Chet and Cheryl-Rae Bart.

2005-10-01 Bratfest 2005

Bratfest 2005 is held at the Barnes Residence.

2005-09-05 DPS 2005: Cambridge

Gwen and I attend the 2005 American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Sciences meeting in Cambridge, UK.

2005-08-20 Summer Poker Championship

LPL Poker League 2005 Summer Championship: I finish 2nd.

2005-08-13 Barnes Ranch: Expedition 3

Gwen and I meet my Mom Nancy, Dad Wayne, and brother Xander at the Ranch.

2005-07-30 New Mexico Land: Expedition 2

Gwen, the three dogs, and I visit our land in New Mexico.

2005-06-25 Northern California

We visit LPL friends at NASA/AMES, go offroading near Lake Tahoe, and attend the annual Capay Farm Party.

2005-06-18 New Mexico Cabins

We help Gwen's advisor put the roof on his cabin, and buy 40 acres near Pie Town, NM.

2005-06-11 Catalinas Back Road

The inaugural Earth Rovers LPL 4-Wheeling event, climbing the back side of the Catalina Mountains.

2005-06-04 XTerra

We fly to Chicago to buy my new yellow Nissan XTerra.

2005-05-18 Star Wars Episode III

Seeing Star Wars Episode 3 with Flems in Hollywood, CA.

2005-05-15 Spring in Arizona

Some pictures from around the house in May, 2005.

2005-04-29 Red Garter Softball Game

Some pictures that Gwen took at the Red Garter softball game.

2005-04-23 Bacchanal

The annual LPL grad student Bacchanal party was held at Florence House this year.

2005-04-02 Sentinel Peak Field Trip

Field trip to the Sentinel Peak Volcanic Field comparing hypotheses generated from remote sensing data to ground truth.

2005-02-20 Organ Pipe

Gwen and I visit Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument for a rainy weekend.

2005-02-01 Arizona Room Tile

Gwen and I retile the Arizona room (aka the Dog room) with Peruvian Travertine.

2004-12-25 Christmas 2004

Pictures from visiting Oxnard, CA for Christmas.

2004-12-08 Postdoc Skit

LPL New Postdoc Orientation skit for the 2004 Christmas Party.

2004-11-25 Thanksgiving in Boston

Gwen and I celebrate Thanksgiving in Boston at Terra's and Xander's houses.

2004-11-21 Observing on Kitt Peak

Me observing HD209458b transits on Kitt Peak on the WIYN telescope with Steve Howell.

2004-09-24 Grand Canyon Hike 2004

A 4-day hike down the Kaibab, east across the Tonto, and up the Grandview Trail in Grand Canyon National Park.

2004-09-12 Canyonlands Field Trip II

LPL field trip to Canyonlands National Park, including the Moses Milazzo Muffler Mishap.

2004-07-23 Honeymoon

Gwen and I on our honeymoon to Australia. We visit Darwin, northwest Australia, and Sydney.

2004-07-04 My Wedding

I marry Gwen Bart in La Madera Park, Tucson, Arizona.