Jason Barnes' fun stuff page

A collection of some of the pranks I've pulled over the years :)

2004-12-08 Postdoc Skit

LPL New Postdoc Orientation skit for the 2004 Christmas Party.

2002-04-01 April Fools 2002

Another April Fools day, another humiliation for the Astronomy Department.

2001-05-01 Microwave Grape Plasma

I'm serious. Take a grape, cut it in half with a bridge between the halves, put it in the microwave and it sparks and then creates balls of plasma.

2001-04-01 April Fools

April Fools 2001. We turned the atrium of the Kuiper Space Sciences building into Disco Planet and annexed the astronomy department.

1998-08-15 The Wall Falls

Pictures from the Alley 5/6 connection (wall removal) project.

1998-07-15 Parking Spots

Me, Patrick Jewell, Chris Brooks, Chris Bisbee, David Winkler, and Corinne Gilliam solve the synch log parking problems.

1998-05-07 Ditch Day Stack

Pat and I created the Star Wars stack our senior year in 1998. Featuring rockets, explosions, codes, concrete, explosions, and an axe.

1997-08-24 The New Scoreboard

The building of the new Fleming Scoreboard.

1994-05-28 PCH Graduation Pictures

Pictures from graduation night at Parkway Central High School.