Jason Barnes' trip page

I needed someplace to put all the random trips I've been on, so this is it.

2015-12-21 Great Bob is 91

My Granddad turns 91 in Nokomis, Florida.

2015-11-26 Hawaii 2015

Thanksgiving in Waikoloa, Hawaii 2015.

2015-07-04 Glacier

Camping trip to Glacier National Park.

2014-09-27 Whale Watching

Family trip to the San Juan Islands to see Orcas (Killer Whales).

2014-08-03 Mt. Rainier

Vacation to Mt. Rainier National Park.

2014-06-27 Alexander Barnes' Wedding

Jason takes Cassie, Tycho, and Hadley to Xander's wedding in Santa Cruz, CA.

2013-05-25 Camping in Hells Canyon

Camping at Pittsburg Landing at the bottom of Hells Canyon.

2012-12-31 Belize

Visiting ruins, jungles, and beaches in Belize.

2011-10-28 World Series Game 7

Jason and Gwen at Game 7 of the 2011 World Series in St. Louis.

2011-08-10 Canadian Rockies

Jason, Gwen, Cassie, and Tycho go on a road trip to the Canadian Rockies national Parks, Kootenay, Banff, Jasper, and Yoho with the twins' grandparents Chet and Cheryl-Rae.

2011-05-17 Xander's PhD

The Idaho Barneses travel to Boston for Alexander's defense.

2011-04-13 Kauai

Trip to Kauai for a Titan Chemistry conference and some R&R.

2010-11-25 Baja Thanksgiving

Barnes family vacation to Baja California for Thanksgiving.

2009-09-21 Sardinia

Attending a sedimentology meeting in Alghero on the Italian island of Sardinia.

2009-08-17 Maui

Barnes family vacation to Maui, Hawaii.

2009-06-07 Little Boulder Creek

A walk through the Clearwater National Forest's Potlatch River.

2009-05-15 Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver for the American Physical Society NorthWest meeting.

2009-03-06 Kepler Launch and XTerra Roll

My visit to Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the Kepler Launch, and crashing the car on the way home.

2008-05-23 Boston

Visit to Xander and Terra/Andy/Brayden in Boston for the IAU Transiting Planets Meeting.

2008-04-19 New House

Pictures that Gwen took of the inspection of our new home in Moscow, Idaho.

2007-11-03 Thad and Moira Wedding

Jason's cousins Thad and Moira's American-side wedding celebration.

2007-09-17 Baby Brayden

Gwen and Jason visit their new nephew, Brayden, in Boston, MA.

2007-07-07 Hawaii and Lanai

Observing on Hawaii, and then vacationing on Lana'i.

2007-06-01 Scouting Racetrack Playa

Jason visits Death Valley to get the lay of the land for a future geology project.

2007-05-24 Observing HD189733b

Jason observing in Mauna Kea, Hawaii at the IRTF looking at the secondary eclipse of HD189733b.

2007-05-12 Grandpa Barnes' Funeral

Memorial service for Jason's grandfather, Martin McRae Barnes.

2007-05-06 Noah's Wedding

Noah and Camille wed in upstate New York.

2007-02-27 ESTEC

Jason goes to the European Space Agency in the Netherlands for a Cassini Titan Surface Workshop.

2007-01-23 With Dogs at Beach

Jason and Gwen visit the beach with Genubi, Schamali, and Taun We near their new home in California.

2006-08-12 Terra and Andy's Wedding

A few pictures from my sister's wedding in St. Louis, MO.

2006-08-05 Chris and Corinne's Wedding

Chris Brooks and Corinne Gilliam wed in Dallas, TX.

2006-04-15 Black Mountain Offroading

Exploring Black Mountain, north of Tucson, with 4WD vehicles.

2006-03-05 Indian Ruins

Exploring Arizona Indian ruins with Peter Stiles, our neighbor.

2005-12-25 Christmas 2005

Christmas in St. Louis, MO, 2005.

2005-09-05 DPS 2005: Cambridge

Gwen and I attend the 2005 American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Sciences meeting in Cambridge, UK.

2005-06-25 Northern California

We visit LPL friends at NASA/AMES, go offroading near Lake Tahoe, and attend the annual Capay Farm Party.

2005-06-04 XTerra

We fly to Chicago to buy my new yellow Nissan XTerra.

2005-05-18 Star Wars Episode III

Seeing Star Wars Episode 3 with Flems in Hollywood, CA.

2004-12-25 Christmas 2004

Pictures from visiting Oxnard, CA for Christmas.

2004-11-25 Thanksgiving in Boston

Gwen and I celebrate Thanksgiving in Boston at Terra's and Xander's houses.

2004-11-21 Observing on Kitt Peak

Me observing HD209458b transits on Kitt Peak on the WIYN telescope with Steve Howell.

2004-07-23 Honeymoon

Gwen and I on our honeymoon to Australia. We visit Darwin, northwest Australia, and Sydney.

2003-11-25 Thanksgiving at Xanders

Pictures from the Thanksgiving at Alexanders in Walla Walla, Washington.

2003-09-02 DPS 2003

Pictures from the DPS 2003 meeting in Monterey, CA, and from the drive there as well.

2003-07-07 France and Fire

Pictures from my trip to the Extrasolar Planets conference in Paris and shots of the Aspen fire near Tucson.

2003-03-17 Baja

Xander and I spend spring break driving through Baja California.

2003-03-05 Lava

Helping Matt Chamberlain observe in Hawaii, we got a chance to see actual flowing lava.

2003-02-01 2003 Alumni Game

Gwen and I visit California for the 2003 Baseball Alumni game against the varsity -- the alums won 8-2. Also: pathetic Tech Legacy tour.

2003-01-26 Xander Visit II

Visiting Alexander in Walla Walla, WA. Also included are pics from Xander's protest, and from our visit to Frenchman, Moses, and Grand Coulees.

2002-06-22 Abby's Wedding

Abby Wasserman and Nick Scheffer marry in Staunton, VA.

2002-06-01 TUS -> STL Road Trip

Driving Alexander's car from Tucson back to Saint Louis.

2002-05-19 Biz's Wedding

Chris Bisbee gets married to Patty Kulcharyk in Detroit, MI. Pictures and HTML courtesy David Winkler.

2002-05-17 Episode II

Me, Donnie, Monroe, and BJ wait in line to see Star Wars: Episode II at the Chinese. Photos by Donnie Pinkston.

2002-02-12 Germany

Visiting my little brother in Freiburg, Germany.

2001-08-15 Aunt Delia's 50th Birthday

Family Reunion in Northern California for Delia's 50th Birthday.

2001-06-23 Seattle Trip

Vanessa and I travelled to Seattle for the wedding of her friends Tracy and Pat.

2001-05-24 Canyonlands II

My brother and I drove his car from Salt Lake City to Tucson via Canyonlands National Park.

2000-04-24 Walla Walla, WA

Visiting my brother Xander in at his college (Whitman) in Walla Walla, WA.

2000-04-15 Mauna Kea Observing II

Me observing at the IRTF on Mauna Kea with David Trilling.

1999-05-29 Episode I

The first Flem98 and friends minireunion at the Mann's Chinese for Star Wars Episode I.

1999-03-25 Photos from 1998

A collection of photos from 1998, including a snow run, some baseball shots, and my Graduate School Decision Chart (tm).

1995-08-27 New Car Trips

Trips I took shortly after I got my new car, including Joshua Tree and a drive up the 1 to the Bay Area.