Tycho Barnes' Page

Tycho's pictures:

2015-12-21 Great Bob is 91

My Granddad turns 91 in Nokomis, Florida.

2015-11-26 Hawaii 2015

Thanksgiving in Waikoloa, Hawaii 2015.

2015-07-04 Glacier

Camping trip to Glacier National Park.

2014-12-25 Christmas 2014

Pictures from the Idaho Barnes and Gwen's brother Don's family at Christmas 2014.

2014-09-27 Whale Watching

Family trip to the San Juan Islands to see Orcas (Killer Whales).

2014-08-23 Back-to-School 2014

Kid pictures of Cassie, Tycho, and Hadley for back to school.

2014-08-03 Mt. Rainier

Vacation to Mt. Rainier National Park.

2014-06-27 Alexander Barnes' Wedding

Jason takes Cassie, Tycho, and Hadley to Xander's wedding in Santa Cruz, CA.

2014-06-23 Darwin

Our son Darwin Sirius Barnes is born.

2013-10-31 Halloween 2013

Luke, Leia, and an Ewok trick-or-treat on Halloween.

2013-05-25 Camping in Hells Canyon

Camping at Pittsburg Landing at the bottom of Hells Canyon.

2012-12-31 Belize

Visiting ruins, jungles, and beaches in Belize.

2012-11-22 Thanksgiving in St. Louis

Trip home to St. Louis, Missouri for Thanksgiving.

2012-05-18 Kid Pictures

Spring pictures of the kids.

2012-01-11 Hadley Astra Barnes

List of pictures from the first week of our new baby girl, Hadley Astra Barnes.

2011-10-31 Monkeysuits

Tycho and Cassie dress up like monkeys for halloween.

2011-08-10 Canadian Rockies

Jason, Gwen, Cassie, and Tycho go on a road trip to the Canadian Rockies national Parks, Kootenay, Banff, Jasper, and Yoho with the twins' grandparents Chet and Cheryl-Rae.

2011-05-17 Xander's PhD

The Idaho Barneses travel to Boston for Alexander's defense.

2011-04-23 2011 Easter Eggs

17-month-old Tycho and Cassie search for Easter eggs in the East City Park.

2011-04-13 Kauai

Trip to Kauai for a Titan Chemistry conference and some R&R.

2011-02-19 Babies in the Snow 2011

The babies play in the snow, and our husky dog Schamali passes away.

2010-12-25 2010 Christmas

The family celebrates Christmas 2010 in Idaho.

2010-11-25 Baja Thanksgiving

Barnes family vacation to Baja California for Thanksgiving.

2010-11-14 One Year Old Twins

Pictures from Cassie's and Tycho's first first birthday party, in Moscow, ID.

2010-10-14 Crater Peak

Idaho Barnes family adventure to Crater Peak in the St. Joe National Forest.

2010-07-23 Babies Month 6

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho at seven months old.

2010-05-23 Babies Month 6

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho at six months old.

2010-05-12 Summer Vacation to NM

Idaho Barnes vacation to New Mexico after the end of classes.

2010-04-23 Babies Month 5

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho at five months old.

2010-03-19 Spring Break in NM

Babies' first trip to New Mexico and Arizona over spring break.

2010-03-06 Driving Snake River

An adventure driving south along the Snake River to Chief Joseph NWRA.

2010-03-01 Babies Month 4

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho's fourth month.

2010-02-01 Babies Month 3

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho's third month.

2010-01-01 Babies 'til New Years

Gwen's baby pictures from birth until 2010.

2010-01-01 Babies Month 2

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho's second month.

2009-12-25 Christmas 2009

The Barnes and Bart families celebrate Christmas with Cassie and Tycho in Moscow, Idaho.

2009-12-23 Babies Month 1

Pictures and movies from Cassie and Tycho's first month.

2009-12-16 Baby Movies

Some 3-week-old-baby movies.

2009-11-29 Babies First Week

Tycho and Cassie come home from the hospital..

2009-11-24 Babies Day 2-3

Pictures of the babies on their second day of life.

2009-11-23 Babies

Cassiopeia (Cassie) Brynn Barnes and Tycho Ethan Barnes are born.

2009-11-22 Belly Page

Pictures of Gwen's belly as Cassiopeia and Tycho grew inside.