My work . . .

I work at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, near the center of this image. I'm a graduate student, studying planets around other stars. You can look at my professional page, or see some pictures from work related stuff below.

2012-08-21 Lawn Hill Crater

Jason ventures into the Australian Outback with Ralph, Jani, and Catherine to visit Lawn Hill impact structure.

2011-07-01 LPSA Field Trip

Interns from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on a Channeled Scablands Fieldtrip.

2009-09-25 Sahara

Sedimentology field trip to the Sahara desert in Tunisia.

2009-09-21 Sardinia

Attending a sedimentology meeting in Alghero on the Italian island of Sardinia.

2009-07-24 Glacier Field Trip

I tag along on a field trip to Glacier National Park with the Mars HiRISE Imaging Team

2009-05-15 Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver for the American Physical Society NorthWest meeting.

2009-03-06 Kepler Launch and XTerra Roll

My visit to Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the Kepler Launch, and crashing the car on the way home.

2008-07-27 Crater Lake

Planetary field trip to Crater Lake, Oregon.

2008-05-02 Beaches Fieldtrip

The 2008 LPL Beaches Field Trip.

2008-04-30 Planetary Dunes Workshop

Pictures from a one-day field trip in White Sands National Monument with the Planetary Dunes Workshop that I attended presenting Titan stuff.

2008-01-27 Cassini Death Valley Field Trip

On a field trip to Death Valley National Park, CA, with the Cassini RADAR team.

2007-07-07 Hawaii and Lanai

Observing on Hawaii, and then vacationing on Lana'i.

2007-06-01 Scouting Racetrack Playa

Jason visits Death Valley to get the lay of the land for a future geology project.

2007-05-24 Observing HD189733b

Jason observing in Mauna Kea, Hawaii at the IRTF looking at the secondary eclipse of HD189733b.

2007-05-12 Grandpa Barnes' Funeral

Memorial service for Jason's grandfather, Martin McRae Barnes.

2007-02-27 ESTEC

Jason goes to the European Space Agency in the Netherlands for a Cassini Titan Surface Workshop.

2006-09-19 Ranchflowers and Dogjumps

Stopping by the NM Ranch on the field trip scouting mission, we find flowers everywhere! Also: Gwen makes agility dog jumps for the poodle.

2006-06-11 Arizona's Longitudinal Dunes

Visiting the only longitudinal dunefield in the western hemisphere, on the Navajo Reservation in northern AZ.

2006-04-02 Death Valley 2

My second field trip to Death Valley with LPL.

2005-11-13 Baja California Field Trip

Pictures from the 2004 LPL Baja California planetary science field trip that I designed and helped to lead.

2005-09-05 DPS 2005: Cambridge

Gwen and I attend the 2005 American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Sciences meeting in Cambridge, UK.

2005-04-02 Sentinel Peak Field Trip

Field trip to the Sentinel Peak Volcanic Field comparing hypotheses generated from remote sensing data to ground truth.

2004-11-21 Observing on Kitt Peak

Me observing HD209458b transits on Kitt Peak on the WIYN telescope with Steve Howell.

2004-09-12 Canyonlands Field Trip II

LPL field trip to Canyonlands National Park, including the Moses Milazzo Muffler Mishap.

2004-04-04 West Texas Fieldtrip

Field trip to see Kilbourne Hole and Texas impact structures Sierra Madera and Odessa.

2003-10-11 Canyon de Chelly / White Mountains Field Trip

My second field trip to Canyon de Chelly in NE Arizona, and a visit to the White Mountains looking for glacial features.

2003-09-02 DPS 2003

Pictures from the DPS 2003 meeting in Monterey, CA, and from the drive there as well.

2003-07-07 France and Fire

Pictures from my trip to the Extrasolar Planets conference in Paris and shots of the Aspen fire near Tucson.

2003-05-05 Chiricahuas Field Trip

LPL field trip to the Chiricahua mountains in SE Arizona.

2002-09-27 Washington Field Trip

Field trip to Washington State to visit Mount Saint Helens, the Columbia River Flood Basalts, and the Channeled Scablands.

2002-08-27 NATS102 Homepage

Homepage for the class that I am TAing this semester, NATS102 Sections 3&4H.

2002-04-15 Extrasolar Planets Database

Sortable and customizable (and, in the future, searchable) database of information about each discovered extrasolar planet.

2002-01-24 61-inch Observing

Pictures I took while observing at the University of Arizona's 61-inch Kuiper Telescope on top of Mt. Bigelow in the Catalina Mountains. I am looking for transits of extrasolar planets in open clusters.

2001-12-02 DPS 2001

My talk at the 2001 American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Sciences meeting in New Orleans, LA entitled 'Stability of Moons around Extrasolar Planets'.

2001-11-28 2001 DPS Meeting

Pictures from the 2001 American Astronomical Society Division of Planetary Sciences meeting, New Orleans, LA.

2001-05-22 Extrasolar Moons

Visuals from my 2001 LPLC talk.

2001-05-15 White Sands

LPL Field trip to White Sands and southern New Mexico.

2001-05-01 Extrasolar Planets

HTML version of visuals for NATS102 Extrasolar Planets lecture.

2000-11-09 My Orals

I managed to pass my graduate oral exams and my friend Ross was nice enough to take pictures for me.

2000-10-17 Death Valley

LPL field trip to Death Valley.

2000-05-20 K/T Boundary Layer

LPL field trip to K/T boundary layer outcrop sites near Raton, New Mexico.

2000-04-15 Mauna Kea Observing II

Me observing at the IRTF on Mauna Kea with David Trilling.