A nice picture of Vanessa on a rock.
While on our 4 mile hike up into the mountains.
Incredibly, a decent picture of Vanessa and me on the dirt road to the fire lookout.
From on top of the fire lookout tower. Note the huge burn area.
A hawk in the distance.
A knarled, old tree next to Vanessa. She really likes this tree, and I can agree that it does have aesthetic qualitites.
Me in the tree.
Van at our lunch stop. This was a nice exposed outcrop where we could see all the way back down the canyon.
An automatic exposure of us at the lunch stop.
Vanessa in front of cliffs.
Vanessa climbing the hella cool hillside of flat talus rocks. Best to be extremely careful on these.
More cool rocks.
Vanessa from above, on the cool rocks, with nice scenery behind.
Wow, a shot with no people in it.
The PBGSA crew at the top of the ridge.
Here's me on the other side of the ridge, with the Burn Zone behind me.
Me in Burn Zone.
Vanessa in Burn Zone.
Burn Zone
Burn Zone again
I know I keep harping on this but the burn zone was hella sweet.