Images from Day 3:  July 29, 1997 

(J4) Lower Goddard Canyon:  Pat, Brian, and Xander starting the steep ascent into Evolution Valley from Lower Goddard Canyon.  The river down in the canyon is the San Joaquin river, and we crossed it on a bridge near the bend in the canyon.

(J5) Goddard Canyon Bridge:  Closeup from previous image.  Wooden bridge, but not as cool as the  bridge from last year.

(P5)  Evolution Creek Waterfall:  The back of Jason's and Xander's heads with a spectrum visible in the mist if you look close.  This was a POWERFUL waterfall, really cool.

(P6)  Evolution Creek Waterfall:  Pat in front of the waterfall.

(X2)  Evolution Meadow:  After we climbed from Goddard Canyon into Evolution Valley, we were in Evolution Meadow.  This is us on the South side of Evolution Creek looking East into the Valley.  Shortly after this picture was taken we doffed our shoes and socks (phew) and waded across Evolution Creek.  It looked so clear and pretty.  But it was actually cold, deep (3 feet), fast, and those rocks were SHARP.

(X3)  McClure Meadow:  Further along down the valley, it started to cloud up but here's a shot of Xander, Pat, and Monroe in front of McClure Meadow with Evolution Creek running through it.  We discovered that flies in Evolution Valley haven't been under selection pressure to be fast (evolution at work ;), so you can just slap them and kill them.  Fun!

(X4)  McClure Meadow:  Here's a shot of Pat, Jason, and Xander in McClure Meadow looking East along the Evolution Creek with Mt. Darwin straight behind the creek, The Hermit to the right, and Mt. Goethe on the left.  It was starting to rain at this point.  Neat tho.

(X5)  Colby Meadow:  Further down the trail in Evolution Valley we ran into a deluxe campsite at Colby Meadow.  Here's Pat fishing in Evolution Creek.  No, he didn't catch anything . . .

(P7)  Colby Meadow:  The Colby Meadow campsite.  It's overcast and twilight here, so the pic didn't come out all that well.  But you can see Jason, Monroe, and Xander huddled around the fire with our bright rain ponchos spread out around the site.  The yellow tent there is the smaller and heavier of the 2, so the "Big Tent" was the desirable one.  We hadn't put the big one up yet at this point.

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